Jackie™ (4ZRS) Crown Cutter

For formidable zirconia and other high-strength ceramic crown materials, Komet USA has a solution that will slice through that hard exterior like warm butter.

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T-600 Inventory Management System

Burs are small...very small. It is no surprise they have a mysterious tendency to disappear from the dental office.

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Innovative Gingival Tissue Trimming with CeraTip™

Removing gum tissue, while perhaps a milder form of dental surgery (depending on the case), can come with some difficulty, notably bleeding. 

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Introducing the Peri-Implantitis Kit 4684

If you often find yourself working in Periodontics, then you are sure to have encountered a few cases of peri-implantitis.

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Say Hello to Our Yellow DCB Abrasives

Komet USA is excited to announce the expansion of our popular DCB line of diamond abrasives. 

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Komet USA Ceramic Cutters

Having quality chairside dental instruments is obviously crucial to success, as is the comfort of
the patient. It was this sentiment that led to the utilization of ceramic in our CeraLine products.

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