Komet USA's Diamond Manufacturing Process

September 13, 2022 blog01

It's important when you're choosing your diamond burs that you consider how they were created. We're open with our diamond manufacturing process and want to make sure you're informed on how our diamond burs go from a blank all the way to your office. 

Diamond Blank is Produced


The first step of our diamond manufacturing process is creating the blank on a CNC Turning Lathe. It has no diamond particles yet. 

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Next, the blanks go through their first of many ultrasonic cleanings. This helps prepare it for future steps by ensuring that all foreign material is removed.


The blanks are isolated / covered in areas where there should be no diamond particles.


The blanks are dipped into a chemical bath called Galvanic Bonding, creating a bonding layer that the diamond particles will adhere to. Next, the blanks are dipped into the diamond bath.

Color Coding

The diamond burs are color coded according to their grit. For more information on our color-coding system, check out our guide.

Optional Shank Coating

If required, some of our diamond burs will be dipped in a bath to change the color of the shank.

Final Ultrasonic Cleaning

The diamond burs are cleaned one last time to ensure that all debris has been removed.

Quality Check

Every production batch will be checked according to our high-quality standards.


Our burs are packed under cleanroom conditions. Afterwards they will be sterilized to be ready to use immediately.

These steps assure that the diamond bur is a perfectly concentric cutting instrument for optimal operation every time. 

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