Save Time and Effort during IPR with Komet's OS Discs

April 21, 2022 blog01

Learn how your IPR procedures can be more precise with a safe, predictable and conservative IPR system.


Every patient would love to have beautiful, straight teeth, and every dentist and orthodontist work hard to make that possible. However, treatment can time-consuming.

Preparation prior to applying braces or popular aligners is often hindered by over-crowding, particularly in adult patients with misaligned teeth. The interproximal reduction of dental enamel, also known as IPR, is therefore an imperative part of any orthodontic treatment.

Anyone who has removed enamel the traditional way knows what a tedious job it can be. Manual IPR is strenuous and not ideal for either the patient or the dentist.

Komet has the answer to making this everyday procedure more precise with the safest, most predictable, conservative IPR system on the market: the OS disc system. The safety-tipped segmented oscillating discs minimize risk of injury to the soft tissue, while the reduction markings on the shank ensure predictable results for whatever aligner system you use.

The patented oscillating discs are available in various sizes (i.e., 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 or 0.5 mm), and the system offers discs that are coated on one or both sides.

The OS Disc advantages:

  • Minimized risk of injury to soft tissues due to the oscillating function of the discs

  • Honeycomb pattern that provides a perfect view and efficient enamel reduction

  • More comfortable for the patient

  • Complete treatment faster and more efficiently

  • Achieve the required quantity of substance with precision

Komet developed an IPR kit that contains the oscillating discs clearly arranged in a modular storage box featuring an innovative, practice-oriented design. The discs are logically arranged in the storage box according to the amount of interproximal substance that needs to be removed, enhancing the accuracy of the procedure.

This easy, step-by-step technique produces reliable, reproducible results. It optimizes comfort for both the orthodontist and the patient during IPR.

The OS Discs should only be used in the oscillating contra-angle OS30, exclusively available at Komet USA.

Developed in close cooperation with Professor Dr. Jost-Brinkmann of the Charité Berlin and Dr. Thomas Drechsler.

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