Are Single-Use Burs Right for Your Practice?

September 6, 2022 blog01

Komet USA's single-use burs provide you with the quality of a multi-use bur paired with hygienic security. 

As a dental professional, it’s imperative to have instruments that get the job done. To do that, your dental burs need to be high-quality, safe and efficient.
The last thing any dentist wants is to begin their procedure and grab a bur out of their block that is dull or unsterilized. Not only are you wasting time, but the patient may worry about his or her hygienic safety.
“Having a sharp, clean bur makes all the difference for the appointment,” said Matt Nejad, D.D.S. “Single-use diamonds help me get the best precision and reliability for every clinical procedure without hesitating on cost. The quality and cutting efficiency are comparable to burs that are five or ten times the price.”
Dr. Nejad is a biomimetic and esthetic dentist in Beverly Hills, CA. He exclusively uses Komet USA’s single-use burs.
“After a few uses, multi-use burs become nearly impossible to clean fully, and nothing is more frustrating than reaching for a sterilized bur with debris,” said Dr. Nejad.
With single-use burs, there’s no second-guessing whether your diamond or carbide is sterile. You can rest assured knowing you’re getting a sharp and sterile bur every time.
Some may question the quality of single-use diamonds and carbides. Komet USA’s Single-Use burs are virtually indistinguishable from multi-use burs. Our single-use diamonds are the sharpest on the market, and the carbides resist breakage better than the leading competitor.*
With 248 different shapes and sizes, Komet’s Single-Use diamonds and carbides provide you options for every procedure. Save time and money with burs that are sterile, providing you hygienic security and eliminating the need for re-sterilization.
“Using single-use burs saves a lot of time for my staff and me,” said Dr. Nejad. “I love having consistency and predictability from my burs for every procedure.”
Interested in learning more about our single-use burs that are always sharp, always ready for action? Request a free sample today or download our order guide.

*Studies provided upon request. 
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