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July 14, 2022 blog01

Ceramic preparations require perfectly round contours. To achieve the ideal preparation, Komet developed OccluShaper diamonds, the first instrument to combine both concave and convex shapes.

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Komet USA’s innovative OccluShaper diamond instruments offer a minimally invasive approach to the precise, clinically desirable preparation of occlusal surfaces for restoration with high-strength ceramics.  Indicated for therapy of carious teeth, for treatment of individual or multiple premolars and molars damaged by bruxism and/or biocorrosion, and for restoration of occlusion, occlusal onlays (also known as occlusal veneers or tabletop restorations) provide an alternative to full- and partial-coverage crowns by conserving tooth substance and reducing the risk of pulpitis.
Ceramic preparations require perfectly round contours. The center of the occlusal surface needs to have a concave shape, while the area of the former cusps should have a convex shape to optimally support the onlay. To achieve the ideal preparation, Komet has developed OccluShaper diamonds, the first instruments to combine both shapes. To ensure the abrasive instruments match the occlusal surfaces of each tooth, OccluShapers are available in two sizes: one for molars (370.FG.035) and one for premolars (370.FG.030). Finishers of matching shape (8370.FG.035 for molars and 8370.FG.030 for premolars) also are offered. For occlusal contouring, for example, the occlusal surface is prepared with an OccluShaper of suitable size in a mesio-distal direction along the central fissure. Using a finisher of the same size and congruent shape, the process is repeated.
“The OccluShaper is definitely the most conservative and anatomically correct diamond high-speed shaping kit for minimally invasive veneer, onlay, and full crown coverage preparations. It helps contour the teeth to optimally receive final restorations via chairside digital dentistry or laboratory fabricated all-ceramic restorations. I personally use this kit to prepare teeth that require reduction and for teeth that will receive additive ceramic restorations without removing enamel. I strongly suggest clinicians evaluate this philosophy.” – Dr. Thomas Bilski
The OccluShaper diamond abrasives are available individually and in a comprehensive Occlusal Onlay Kit (LD2246). The kit includes the premolar diamond and finisher and the molar diamond and finisher. It also provides a laser-marked pre-preparation instrument (855D.FG.016) that permits depth marking and pre-contouring in a single step. This instrument features a black laser mark at 1 mm from the instrument tip. In addition, the kit incorporates the 8849P.FG.016 guide-pin diamond abrasive for oro-vestibular preparation. Separately available are the 8856.FG.014 instrument for preparing transitions and the slim 858.FG.010 separating instrument for preparing interproximal spaces as well as a matching finisher (8858.FG.010). The kit is housed in a sterilizable, stainless-steel bur block to facilitate organization and instrument identification.
“The occlusal onlay ‘table top’ kit from Komet with the OccluShaper burs add a well thought out protocol and innovative shapes that simplify conservative onlay/table top restorations.” – Dr. Timothy Hess

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