Your One Solution to Refining and Smoothing Composites

August 25, 2022 blog01

The Highly Filled Resin Kit is the only solution you need when working with highly filled resin composites. 

Highly filled resin composites take up a majority of the market – and there are so many to choose from! Whether your choice is Filtek Supreme Ultra, PermaFlo or one of the countless other options, you should feel confident that you have the right burs for your highly filled resin composites.

Rest assured that Komet USA’s Highly Filled Resin Kit (LD0192A) has got you covered. Used to trim, finish and polish small particle composite material, this kit allows you to efficiently refine and smooth composites to a luster-ready surface to create a more esthetic, durable result.

The red-stripe, fine-grit diamond burs in the front of the kit are used for bulk contouring the composite.

In the back of the kit, you’ll find our Q-Finisher™ series carbides. With cross-cut toothing, they’re specially designed to leave a pre-polish finish on composites.

Lastly, there are two one-step composite polishers. Interspersed with diamond grit, these high-shine, ultra-fine polishers provide a wet gloss finish. Water is required to use with these polishers, as the water activates the diamond paste and creates the wet gloss finish.

The one-step composite polishers feature a special silicone bond that provides outstanding flexibility and conformation to tooth anatomy. Constructed of heat tolerant materials, the polishers can be safely sterilized in an autoclave, and they resist degradation and deformation.

Interested in learning more? Check out our Highly Filled Resin Kit online, or get in touch with a rep today!
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