A Guide to Dental Instrument Color Codes: Diamonds

May 24, 2022 blog01

Follow Komet USA's Diamond Color-Code System to ensure you're choosing the right grit for your diamond bur. 

Different steps of a dental procedure require different diamond burs with varying grits. The grits can range from extra-coarse to ultra-fine depending on how much tooth structure must be cut away.

Our diamond burs have color-coded rings on each instrument to ensure you can easily tell the grits of the diamond bur as soon as you grab it from the block.

Extra-Coarse - Purple 

Particle grit size: 230 microns

This includes our Deep Purple diamond range.

Super-Coarse - Black 

Particle grit size: 180 microns


Coarse - Green 

Particle grit size: 151 microns

Medium - No Color 

Particle grit size: 107 microns

Fine - Red 

Particle grit size: 46 microns

Extra-Fine - Yellow 

Particle grit size: 25 microns

Ultra-Fine - White 

Particle grit size: 8 microns

Our coarser burs, including extra-coarse, super-coarse and coarse grits, are used for cutting, while the finer burs, including fine, extra-fine and ultra-fine grits, are used for finishing. Medium grit diamond burs are used for operative dentistry.

Download our Diamond Color-Code Guide here
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