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EndoPilot EndoPilot

EndoPilot: A Complete Solution for Endodontic Procedures

A customizable endo motor and real-time apex locator all-in-one

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New Composite Remover The new 4COMP can quickly and efficiently remove composite fillings Learn More
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Deep Purple Diamonds
Deep Purple Diamonds Extra coarse for fast, effective substance removal Learn More
F6 SkyTaper
F6 SkyTaper Complete efficient root canal preparations Learn More
Ceramic Cutters
Ceramic Cutters Unique toothing allows for quick, easy trimming of dentures Learn More

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World Leader in Dental Rotary Instruments

With over 98 years of unparalleled excellence in the dental industry, Komet is recognized as a worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized dental burs, discs, diamonds, endodontic instruments and accessories. With uniquely qualified team members and a commitment to our customers, we are dedicated to helping dentists find the perfect combination of instruments for their practice.
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