The Best Burs for Crown Prep

April 27, 2022 blog01

These are the best burs for each stage of a crown prep.

It’s important to use the right-shaped burs with the right grits when performing a crown preparation. It can be confusing to remember which burs are the best for each stage of a crown prep, so we’ve created a guide of the best crown prep burs to make it easy for you.




The 856 is a round end tapered chamfer and is still the most popular crown prep diamond shape in the world.
The 856 comes in several grits, but the most popular for crown preps are:

  1. Komet’s Deep Purple Extra Course 

  2. Super Coarse

  3. Coarse 

Komet's Deep Purple diamonds are innovative for fast, effective substance removal during crown preps. Deep Purple Diamonds are the most efficient cutting diamond on the market with optimally embedded diamond grains to facilitate reliable performance.



The 847KR is a tapered and flat at the tip with rounded corners, also referred to as a modified tapered shoulder. This diamond shape is recommended for all-ceramic crowns such as lithium disilicate and zirconia.  

The most popular grits for crown preps using the 847KR are also:

  1. Deep Purple Extra Coarse

  2. Super Coarse

  3. Coarse



Finishing Diamonds

After the gross reduction of the crown prep with coarser diamonds, it is recommended that the clinician should refine the prep with a finishing diamond (red stipe fine) to refine the preparation to get a nice, clean finish line prior to getting an impression, either digitally or with impression material.


ADJUST & POLISH polish-image.png

ZR Flash Polishers

Available in in a variety of shapes and sizes, ZR Flash Polishers are specially designed for all-ceramic restorations. There’s only one step for pre-polishing and high shine to achieve a smooth perfection.
When conducting a crown prep, it’s important to remember CFP. Cut, Finish, Polish. With Komet’s most popular burs for crown prep, you won’t miss a step and will be set up for success every time.

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