Versatility is Exquisite with CompoBrite™ 2-Step Composite Polishers

The CompoBrite™ 2-step Composite Polisher Kit TD2948 consists of 6 dental polishers, two each of 3 separate designs. Each polisher is engineered with specially bonded interspersed diamond grit for efficient two-step polishing.

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Excavating Caries with the Innovative CeraBur® K1SM

Caries is commonplace in the dental industry, but with the incredible technical strides taken, minimally invasive caries excavation has become much more efficient. 

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2-Step Polishing with the Footsie™ Composite Polishers

Perfect your restoration with the Footsie™ 2-step polishing system. The teeth have been cut, the restoration has been finished, the final step is making that restoration shine. We’ve got the perfect polisher to add to your dental supplies: The Footsie™ Composite Polishers 94028M and 94028F.

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Returning Customers: Buy More & Save More

Existing customers can save up to $100 on their reorder of dental burs at 

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