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June 18, 2024 blog01

Learn how Komet’s range of IPR and debonding solutions help Dr. Lisa Davison achieve high-quality results more safely, quickly and efficiently. 

 As an orthodontist, we know there’s a lot resting on your shoulders. You’re shaping a smile that children and teens will flaunt for the rest of their lives, or you’re repairing smiles to help adults feel more confident. 

That’s why Dr. Lisa Davison, board-certified orthodontist, relies on Komet for IPR and debonding. 
For debonding procedures, Dr. Davison has switched exclusively to Komet’s dynamic duo: H23VIP debonding carbide and Smoozies polishers.


H23VIP Debonding Carbide


The H23VIP cuts efficiently while being gentle on enamel due to its zirconium nitride blades. You can confidently remove hard materials such as orthodontic adhesive, cement, tabs used in Invisalign® and various metals used in braces without leaving marks or scratches behind. 
“When using the H23VIP, you don’t have to go back and forth over the adhesive and the enamel surface as much,” said Dr. Davison. “It leaves a nicer, smoother finish.”


Cup shaped and pointed Smoozie Polishers


The Smoozie polishers are available in cup and flame shapes to remove any last traces of adhesive without damaging the enamel.

“The Smoozies polish so beautifully,” said Dr. Davison. “Sometimes with polishers you get a little grit that comes off onto the tooth. I didn’t see any of that with the Smoozies. They were perfect for rounding out corners during an enameloplasty. They were a nice complement for the H23VIP, and they put together a nice package for our debonds.”
When it comes to IPR, Dr. Davison uses Komet’s double-sided diamond discs, diamond strips and the mosquito bur. 

“I love the double-sided discs,” said Dr. Davison. “They’re predictable, they polish in between the contacts cleanly and I never feel unsafe using it on a patient. The mosquito bur is great for posterior IPR when you want to use an instrument without a guard. We use diamond strips for patients who have tighter, more overlapped contacts to round out the surface.”



Diamond Strip

Not only is every patient’s mouth unique, but some patients are more sensitive than others. Dr. Davison depends on Komet to give her reliable solutions so she can achieve consistent, high-quality results on even the squirmiest of patients. 

“For a sensitive patient, a big challenge my practice faces during ortho procedures is achieving fantastic results while working quickly to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible,” said Dr. Davison. “With the H23VIP, I’m still getting the high-quality result I’m looking for while getting through the debonding treatment quickly. For IPR, I don’t feel anxious when using Komet products because I know that I can get to the contact points quickly without the patient feeling any discomfort.”

There are a lot of parameters when it comes to choosing the right burs for your debonding and IPR procedures. From the quality and predictability of the instrument to the comfort of your patients, you can rely on Komet to have a solution for you. 

“With Komet, I know that there is going to be quality behind what I’m ordering,” said Dr. Davison. “Quality that I can trust.”

About Dr. Davison

DrLisadavison_kometkeyopinionleader_300x300-1.pngDr. Davison, a board-certified orthodontist, is passionate about continuing to learn the latest advances in orthodontics and dentistry. She received her undergraduate degree from Baldwin Wallace College, her Doctorate of Dental Surgery from New York University of Dental Surgery and completed her orthodontic residency at Jacksonville University. In addition to regularly attending continuing education courses, she is also a speaker on orthodontic treatment specializing in education in clear aligners and practice management. 

As a member of several inter-disciplinary study clubs, Dr. Davison works with other dental professionals to keep up with newest trends and techniques in all facets of dentistry. She loves working together as a team with her dental and specialty colleagues to provide her patients with the best possible care and results.


About the Author


Hannah Avery is Komet's copywriter and has been writing on the dental industry since 2021. She focuses on copywriting, social media management and content management in the dental industry.



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