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About Komet

 101 Years of Preparation for Tomorrow 

For 101 years, Komet has been committed to supporting dentists and lab technicians in the preservation and replacement of their patients’ natural dentition through a world-class portfolio of rotary instruments, equipment, and materials. 

Komet was founded in 1923 in Dusseldorf, Germany by the Brasseler brothers. With their expert knowledge in dentistry and ingenuity, their small business grew into what is now one of the largest and most respected manufacturers of rotary instruments in the dental industry. 



Komet offers a comprehensive range of rotary instruments, equipment and materials for dentists, endodontists, lab technicians, oral surgeons, orthodontists and more.  

Komet continues to stay at the forefront of the dental sector by manufacturing its products at the Komet HQ in Lemgo, Germany. This ensures premium and precision-engineered rotary instruments are produced from start to finish each and every time. 

Learn what makes our diamond and carbide manufacturing processes stand out. 

Today, Komet continues to be a family-run company and is represented in more than 100 countries and expanded into the United States in 2007. 


About Komet USA

Established in 2007 and located in Rock Hill, South Carolina, Komet's mission is to help dentists and lab technicians deliver natural healthy smiles.  

Komet sells through direct sales, allowing our team to provide expert product knowledge and top-notch customer service.