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Mission Statement

At Komet USA, we work for and with our customers to create the highest quality rotary instruments in dentistry. We are dedicated to providing superior customer service that will ensure consistent profitability and a trusted reputation for excellence.



Established in 2007 to rapidly respond to the specific requirements of US dentists and dental laboratory technicians and to effectively address the challenges they face in day-to-day patient care, Komet USA is built on a storied tradition that remains true to our founder’s vision of a global company operating with a small-town approach. This principle distinguishes Komet as an independent, direct organization in the truest sense: at Komet, we conduct our own research and development and manufacturing, and we deliver premium-quality instruments through direct sales. Real science backs up every Komet instrument, and the promised Komet quality is proven by strict testing protocols.

Komet USA – History, Tradition, Innovation.


Welcome to Komet USA, your source for the world’s best dental rotary instruments. Building on 96 years of tradition, innovation, and excellence, Komet USA brings unmatched quality and value to dental offices and laboratories across the country. We have a commitment to excellence and a drive to maintain and nurture the level of quality that is our heritage.




Thanks to ongoing partnerships with dental experts, industry leaders, educators, and customers, Komet USA successfully merges its renowned family-style business philosophy with the modern practice of dentistry. We are dedicated to advancing the science of dentistry as we rely on time-proven, successful business values based on service and integrity. Together, these traits create the guiding principle behind our mission to stand as worldwide dental innovators, responding to and foreseeing changes within dentistry.



Today, everything about the Komet organization reflects back to the philosophy of successfully merging tradition with innovation. These seemingly contradictive values have led the global company through decades of success, resulting in an enduring reputation for imagination, excellence, and value. As it has been from the start, innovation remains the heart and soul of the Komet business tradition.



The superiority of the Komet brand is unmatched, and by pairing our science and excellence with an unparalleled commitment to our customers, Komet continues to stand at the forefront of the rotary dental instrument industry. Our uniquely qualified team members are dedicated to helping you find the perfect combination of instruments for your practice, working with you to customize solutions for your daily and specialty instrument needs.

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