Can I Use Procodile Q™ Files with the ProMark Endo Motor?

September 27, 2022 blog01

Since Komet USA is many clinicians' top choice for rotary and endodontic instruments in their practice, you may be wondering if Procodile Q™ files can be used in any reciprocating motor, such as the ProMark Endo Motor. 

Procodile Q™ is Komet USA’s heat-treated, nickel-titanium endodontic file system that is unrivaled in flexibility and performance. Due to the file’s unique design, it resists torsional fatigue and is up to 300% more resistant to cyclic fatigue.

Procodile Q™ and the WaveOne Gold are both reciprocating files that should be used on endodontic motors that rotate counterclockwise and therefore reciprocate. Reciprocating motors rotate the file 150 degrees to the left, then 30 degrees to the right. This results in the file making a complete 360-degree counterclockwise rotation every three turns.

Through in-house bench testing, we confidently found that clinicians can safely use Procodile Q™ in any reciprocating motor, including the ProMark Endo Motor while using the WaveOne Gold settings. 

A recent study completed by the Department of Endodontics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston also found that the Procodile Q™ system is faster in reaching working length and is more flexible when compared to WaveOne Gold.

Although, using Procodile Q™ in Komet USA’s EndoPilot endo motor ensures that the clinician will provide repeatable and predictable root canal therapy for optimal patient outcomes. The EndoPilot is an all-in-one endodontic solution that allows for more accurate file positioning and a more comfortable treatment experience for patients. Its apex locator ensures pinpoint accuracy during root canal treatment. Learn more about utilizing the Procodile Q™ with the EndoPilot by setting up a demo today.

For clinicians who are interested in a system-based approach, Komet USA offers matching gutta percha and paper points for each tip and taper in the Procodile Q™ file system.

Hint: Procodile Q™’s 25/.06 is comparable to the red primary file in the WaveOne Gold file system, but the Procodile Q™ is, on average, $10.00 less per file.
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