Want to see how the Procodile Q
works for yourself?

Request a lunch and learn

Want to see how the Procodile Q
works for yourself?

Request a lunch and learn

Procodile Q

Unrivaled in flexibility and performance.


It's time to turn up the heat with Komet USA's Procodile Q, a heat-treated endodontic file system that allows for an efficient root canal preparation.




Want to see how the Procodile Q
works for yourself?

Request a lunch and learn

  • Improves efficiency when shaping root canals
  • Increases file flexibility, making the file easier to bend
  • Effectively removes infected tissue
  • Increases safety with up to 300% more resistance to cyclic fatigue vs leading brand

Dr-Olmsted-Bio-Photo.pngDeveloped with German technology, the Procodile Q file is not aggressive but instead extemely efficient, thereby allowing you to provide excellent endodontic care for your patients." 
Dr. John Olmsted
Endodontist in Greensboro, NC and Past president of AAE

Turn up the heat

Being a heat-treated file gives the Procodile Q many advantages. The heat-treatment allows the file to have more flexibility, making it easier to bend and more efficient when shaping your root canals.


Confidence in patient care

The Procodile Q is up to 300% more resistant to cyclic fatigue* when compared to leading competitors.
A file this durable increases patient safety and gives you the confidence to provide best-in-class patient care.

*Study results provided upon request.


One-of-a-kind file design Double-S-file-design.png

The Procodile Q has a unique cross-section file design, called a double S-design.
This helps remove debris from the canal easily and quickly. 


File sizes for all canals

The Procodile Q system is comprised of 4 main sequences for narrow, medium and wide canals. 
For precise, single-cone obturations, Komet USA provides matching paper and gutta-percha points.

Shop Procodile Q online now. 


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