Procodile Q

Intelligent. Flexible. Efficient.

The Procodile Q is a left-cutting heat-treated endodontic file that allows for a safe and efficient root canal preparation.

The Procodile Q file combines a variably tapered core with controlled memory for unrivaled flexibility and performance

Procodile Q Advantages: 

• Improves efficiency when shaping root canals
• Increases file flexibility, making the file easier to bend

Variably tapered file core:
• Allows for optimal preparation for the most challenging root canals
• Increased file adaptability due to diameter of core decreasing towards the shank

Effective substance removal:
• Variably tapered file core increases chip space
• Infected tissue is removed from the canal more effectively

Increased safety:
• Up to 300 % more resistant to cyclic fatigue
• Decreased risk of file fracture

Want to see how the Procodile Q works for yourself?

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