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October 5, 2023 blog01

Armor yourself with Q Series: Komet’s heat-treated file systems that are resilient, versatile and efficient.

Ever heard of the saying, “I’d rather get a root canal than (insert awful thing here)”? It’s no secret that root canals are one of the most dreaded procedures, but they’re necessary. 

However, as an endodontist, you know that root canals aren’t painful, they alleviate pain. But it can be hard to convince patients of this when the stigma around root canal procedures has been engrained in them. So, how can you help alleviate the anxiety and be a part of the revolution that changes this preconceived notion?  

By armoring yourself with the best files by your side. Sure, the procedure may be painless, but that doesn’t mean you may not run into hiccups along the way because every patient and every root canal is different.  

Enter the Q Series: Komet’s heat-treated file systems that are resilient, versatile and efficient. Q Series consists of Procodile Q™ (ReFlex®/reciprocating) and FQ (rotary) to fit your situation and preference.  




You may be wondering how you can know for sure that Q Series files are the best. Well, we’ve got research-backed data to show that they are unparalleled in cutting efficiency, debris removal and cyclic fatigue resistance thanks to independent studies from Dental Advisors.  

When weighed up against WaveOne® Gold and ProTaper Ultimate, Q Series was victorious in: 

•    Removing more debris from the canal, due to Q Series’ double-S cross-section and variably tapered core design.


Double-S Cross Section

•    Decreasing chairside time. Q Series’ cutting rates were up to 24% faster than the competition.  


Procodile Q™ removing a large amount of debris

•    Higher cyclic fatigue resistance, reducing the chances of root canal failure and separation.  

We know you’ll stop at nothing to preserve your patients’ teeth. Don’t use competing file systems when they have kryptonite weighing them down. Become truly invincible with Q Series by your side.  


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