Komet Introduces New Deep Purple™ Diamond Bur Shapes and Debonding Solution Kit

October 7, 2019 blog01

Komet now offers two new bur shapes in our Deep Purple™ Diamond line and introduced the Smoozie set, the newest solution for debonding. 

We are now offering two new bur shapes in our Deep Purple™ Diamond line and are introducing the newest solution for debonding, the Smoozie kit. These innovative products address the needs and challenges of crown preparation procedures and allow for an efficient treatment flow for glue removal.

The new Deep Purple™ parallel chamfer shaped diamonds will come in two new sizes, 881XC.FG.014 and 881XC.FG.016. These extra coarse burs allow for optimal substance removal and maximum operator control when preparing for crown procedures. The new configurations also have optimally embedded diamond grains and large chip spaces to reduce the probability of instrument clogging and to allow for reliable performance.

The new Smoozie kit was created as an orthodontic solution to assist in removing adhesives from start to finish. The expansion includes a carbide adhesive, H23VIP.RA.016, and rubber adhesive erasers in a flame shape, 9498.RA.050, and a cup shape, 9499.RA.060. These products can be found in the new, comprehensive Smoozie set, 4694, which includes four carbides and four erasers in a plastic bur block.

When in use, the Smoozies offer a fast-cutting but gentle adhesive removal process, thereby leaving the teeth clean and natural with no marks on the enamel.
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