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Smoozies Kit

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Smoozies Kit

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Product name4694A.RA pack unit 1
For useOrthodontics
Package unit:1
New Product
Smoozies Kit
Product description:
Safe, Fast, Smoozie
Application: Orthodontics
Smoozies, our new glue removers.
Patients look forward to running their tongue across the smooth surface on their teeth after brackets are removed.  Our new Smoozies (purple specialists for glue removal) make sure this is the case after debonding is completed.

Ready, Steady, Smoozie.
Our new Smoozies work in just two steps:
  • Step 1 - After removing the brackets, the tungsten carbide Smoozie is used to remove the glue quickly and efficiently.
  • Step 2 - If necessary, the glue eraser Smoozie polishers are then used to gently remove any last traces of glue from the tooth without damaging the enamel underneath thereby allowing the natural tooth structure to remain intact.

Gentle times two:  The Smoozie Set
Our plastic bur block ensures a professional treatment flow and perfect results.

Kit contents:
9498.RA.050 x2
9499.RA.060 x2
H23VIP.RA.016 x2
H23VIP.FG.016 x2
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