Komet USA Introduces New Endo Motor, EndoPilot

June 10, 2021 blog01

Komet USA announced the availability of a new endodontic motor, EndoPilot.

The EndoPilot is a powerful, torque and speed controlled endodontic motor with state-of-the-art technology that can help endodontists and general practitioners complete endodontic procedures more efficiently while ensuring patient safety.

Dr. Chris Cook, an endodontist in Louisville, Kentucky said, “I can honestly say the EndoPilot has become a part of my day that has changed the way I practice. I won’t work without it, and I know others will feel the same as soon as they have a chance to try it!”

The EndoPilot has several innovative features, including a motor function that stops once the preparation length has been reached and an integrated apex locator that shows the precise file position in real-time. It also allows for customizable preparation length at the apex locator and prevents chip compaction by reducing torque in the vicinity of the apex.

It comes with a fully insulated handpiece that optimizes apex location in endodontic procedures, a 7- inch touchscreen to easily set the depth of preparation relative to the apex and a wireless foot pedal rheostat to eliminate cords, further improving ergonomics and portability.

Todd Blanton, CEO of Komet USA noted, “Komet USA has become known for our high-quality products and focus on dental rotary innovation. The introduction of the EndoPilot is the latest example of our commitment to helping our dental customers to provide improvements in patient care.”

The EndoPilot also features the ReFlex motion, a patented, counterclockwise, intelligent movement. The ReFlex motion starts with an efficient left-cutting rotary motion and then transitions to a reciprocating motion when the EndoPilot senses resistance. This decreasing torsional stress on the file, prevents file jamming and minimizes the risk of file separation.

The ReFlex motion is exclusively available with Komet USA’s Procodile file system on the EndoPilot.

The EndoPilot has a pre-loaded file library containing a number of popular file systems and a rechargeable battery that supports 15 hours of continuous operation.

With the new endo motor, Komet USA can now provide endodontists and general practitioners with a treatment system that incorporates innovative technology to perform endodontic procedures safely and effectively. Every product in the Komet endodontic portfolio has been meticulously researched, designed and tested in Komet’s state-of-the-art German facility.

The EndoPilot is now available to buy online or through a local Komet USA sales representative. You can also request a demo of the EndoPilot.

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