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February 9, 2023 blog01

Finishing is critical to a beautiful result. The burs and techniques that you use will determine the outcome of the procedure. Luckily for you, Komet has kits that contain any and every instrument you need to get the job done right. 

2-Step Composite Finishing Kit

This kit contains five Q-Finishers™ and five ultra-fine carbides to reduce composite finishing procedures two to steps. Q-Finishers™ have special cross-cut toothing that provide outstanding accuracy, efficiency and comfort.

Bur contents:  

Complete Carbide Finishing Kit

If you’re trimming and finishing macro-filled and hybrid composites, this kit’s the one for you! It includes seven shapes of fine, extra-fine and ultra-fine carbides.

Bur contents:  

Diamond Finishing Kit

Are you working on composite and porcelain finishing restorations? The Diamond Finishing Kit contains seven different shapes of fine and extra-fine diamonds for the perfect finish. 

Bur contents:  

CompoBrite Polishers Kit

This kit includes diamond-interspersed composite polishers to create a glossy finish in two steps. It features Footsie™ polishers with a unique shape that adapts to all tooth surfaces and works from any angle.

Bur contents:
  • One flame-shaped pre-polisher (94023M) and high-shine polisher (94023F)
  • One cup-shaped pre-polisher (94025M) and high-shine polisher (94025F)
  • One disc-shaped pre-polisher (94026M) and high-shine polisher (94026F)
  • One Footsie™ pre-polisher (94028M) and high-shine polisher (94028F)

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