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DIAO - KP6368 Green
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5 pieces
Product NameKP6368.FG.016 pack unit 5
ApplicationCrown Preparation
Size Ø016 1/10mm
L in mm3.0mm
Maximum Speed30000
Shank TypeFriction Grip
Packing Unit5

DIAO - KP6368

Crown Preparation

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KP6368.FG.016 pack unit 5

Product Description
The DIAO - KP6368  is a bud shaped coarse diamond used for crown preparation.
 About DIAO Diamonds
Perfect your preps with Komet's DIAO, a next-generation diamond designed with pearls for precise cutting, excellent control and long-lasting sharpness. 
  • Easy control to remove material quickly and effortlessly.
  • A coarse diamond without the chatter. 
  • Perform procedures faster with DIAO which has a 27% greater initial sharpness compared to competing instruments. *data available upon request
  • Producess less heat and saves healthy tooth structure
  • Efficiently removes tooth structure with less pressure and more control. 
  • Reduces dental build up, making it easier to clean and reprocess.
  • Easily identify DIAO with its rose gold color.
Directions for use:
  • Use at an optimum speed of (160.000 rpm, preferably in a red-contra angle or alternatively in a turbine. Instruments that are subject to a speed limit of ) 300.000 rpm are not authorized for use in a turbine. (e.g. KP6370.314.030/035 or KP6845KR.314.025 – see information on the label)
  • Always provide sufficient spray cooling of at least 50 ml/min.
  • For good preparation results, the surface should be smoothed with a finisher of matching shape after the initial-preparation.
  • The instruments remove substance very effectively. Therefore, only low pressure (<2N) needs to be applied during work.

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