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Product nameF04L21.RA.025 pack unit 6
For useRoot Canal Preparation
Opt. rotational frequency250-350
T:1.8 Ncm
Package unit:6
Product description:
F360 file - Taper 04 - Ring-shaped color code - Single-use file - Sterile packed - For root canal preparation along their entire length in pecking motion - Nickel-titanium
Application: Root Canal Preparation

Consistent and Efficient.


You feel it the first time you use it. Komet‘s F360 is an ingenious 2-file system that makes preparing root canals consistent, efficient and safe. F360 helps Endodontists and General Practitioners face any root canal preparation challenge that comes their way.

Anything other than complicated.

  • Root canal preparations with the F360 system are fast.

    The files are very effective, you normally need no more than 3 minutes per root canal.

  • The F360 system is extremely practical.

    In most cases, only 2 files are required, and you donʼt even have to adjust the torque when changing the files.

  • The system is suitable for almost any root canal

    F360 is a true all-rounder in endodontics.

Intuitive. Efficient. Reliable.

“Both of the F360 files have streamlined the delivery efficiency and long term results in my general dental practice. The file design has helped to reduce chair time and certainly has satisfied my patients in that regard. I strongly recommend this system.” -Dr. Thomas Bilski

Dr. Thomas Bilski, General Practitioner in Cleveland, OH.
Teacher and Co-Director at Midwests Implant Institute
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