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Product name94023F.RA.030 pack unit 5
For useWorking on Fillings
Size D:030 1/10 mm
Length L:8.5 mm
max. rotational frequency15000
Opt. rotational frequency6000
Package unit:5
Product description:
Two-step system for polishing composite comprising diamond interspersed polishers - For pre-polishing and high-shine polishing - Use with spray cooling
Application: Working on Fillings
Polishers | CompoBrite™

Two-step polishing of composites.
This new system combines a long service life with outstanding flexibility. After shaping with tungsten carbide finishers or a fine diamond instrument (red ring), the initial pre-polishing stage is performed with the
new, light pink polishers. Thanks to their special diamond grit, these polishers are suitable for shape corrections and can effectively pre-polish surfaces.
This is followed by the second polishing stage, where the light yellow polishers are used to create a perfect high-shine finish. The brilliant interplay between fine diamond grit and a special bond facilitates the creation of a glossy finish while providing the polishers with an impressively long service life.

  • Natural looking high-shine in just two polishing steps
  • Long service life, therefore economic in use
  • Golden shank and a distinct color scheme for easy identification
  • Light pink = pre-polishing
  • Light yellow = high-shine polishing

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