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4ZRS (Jackie)

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4ZRS (Jackie)

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Product name4ZRS.FG.016 pack unit 5
For useCrown Removal
Size D:016 1/10 mm
Length L:4.0 mm
Package unit:5
4ZRS (Jackie)
Product description:
For cutting all-ceramic crowns and bridges
Application: Crown Removal

Crown cutter 4ZRS | JackieTM
The newest additon to the team of Komet's crown cutters is JackieTM (4ZRS), which addresses the challenge of removing adhesiv-bonded, all-ceramic crowns. Optimized for use on zirconia and other high-strength ceramic materials, the JackieTM crown remover (4ZRS.FG.016) is uniquely engineered to slit crowns and bridges to simplify final fracture and removal with a hand instrument. With a length of 4 mm and a tapered working end, the cutter is ideally suited for creating lingual, occlusal, and buccal separating joints, which are essential when working to remove adhesively bonded restorations.

  • Tip transversing blade on tungsten carbide burs to facilitate penetration of the crown material
  • Time savings
  • Reduced heat generation thanks to effective chip spaces
  • Outstanding durability


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