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Product nameH138NEF.HP.023 pack unit 1
For useModel Casting Technique
Size D:023 1/10 mm
Length L:8.0 mm
max. rotational frequency100000
Package unit:1
Product description:
For smooth reduction of non-precious metal alloys - High efficiency cutting design
Application: Model Casting Technique

Tungsten Carbide Cutters | NEF
These cutters are manufactured with a multitude of ergonomically designed, nick-free cutting blades that produce an ideal surface finish on non-precious dental alloys, thus minimizing subsequent polishing requirements.

When applied to chrome-cobalt model- cast frames, for example, these cutters yield exceptionally smooth surfaces. The unique blade design also reduces vibration, which significantly lessens operator fatigue. The cutter’s high number simultaneously used blades also reduces the production of tiny metal fragments, thus minimizing the risk of cross-metal contamination and the possibility of metal fragments becoming embedded in the operator’s skin.

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