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DISCtance IPR System Kit

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DISCtance IPR System Kit

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Product name4671.HP. pack unit 1
For useOrthodontics
max. rotational frequency20000
Package unit:1
DISCtance IPR System Kit
Product description:
DISCtance IPR System System - Stripping discs - Use disc guard
Application: Orthodontics
Kit 4671 I DISCtance™ IPR System

Rotary diamond discs for interproximal enamel reduction in orthodontic treatment.

  • Five discs with thicknesses 0.15mm, 0.20mm, or 0.30mm to be used sequentially or individually are engineered to mirror frequently in-demand specifications in popular aligner systems
  • Disc grits are designed based on the optimal ratio of coarseness needed for efficient substance removal and highest resultant surface quality, reducing the risk of iatrogenic plaque accumulation
  • Diamond disc coating varies from disc to disc, ensuring versatility for simplified precision in enamel reduction
  • Disc rigidity is balanced between flexible and stiff for optimal operator control
  • Durable diamond-coated DISCtance™ discs retain flat shape for extended periods, enabling long-term use
  • Color coded, laser-marked shanks allow easy identification


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