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Product NameH1SML31.RASL.004 pack unit 5
ApplicationEndo Access
L in mm31 mm
Maximum Speed20000
Recommended Speed1500
Packing Unit5


Endo Access

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H1SML31.RASL.004 pack unit 5

Product Description
The EndoTracer is used for accurate retrieval of all canal openings and isthmuses troughing. 

Designed as a minimally invasive petite round bur with a long, slim neck, the EndoTracer allows for an unobstructed view past the instrument into the access cavity.

EndoTracers for retrieval of canal openings.jpg

Minimally invasive approach

  • Due to its petite, round size – especially the 004 and 006 – the EndoTracer's are ideal for fine shaping of isthmuses and canal openings.

Designed for use with endondontic microscopes

  • The particularly long, slender neck (34 mm) of the instrument allows unobstructed view past the instrument into the access cavity. 

The perfect size for any tooth
  • The EndoTracer comes in the lengths 31 and 34 and in 6 different sizes (004, 006, 008, 010, 012 und 014) for any clinical situation

Effective toothing
  • The EndoTracers have an effective, powerful toothing to remove dentin in a minimally invasive way and expose the access cavity practically with little pressure.

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