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Product Name94020C.FG.030 pack unit 5
Size Ø030 1/10 mm
Maximum Speed15,000
Recommended Speed6,000
Packing Unit5



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94020C.FG.030 pack unit 5

Product Description
94020C is a flame-shaped pre-polisher for all-ceramic restorations, like zirconia and e.max.
94020c is part of Komet's ZR Flash Polishers line, a two-step polishing system for smooth finishing of all-ceramic restorations.

The ZR Flash Polishers smooth, polish and impart a high shine when used on restorations, including zirconium oxide, aluminum oxide, lithium disilicate and pressed ceramics. 

ZR Flash Polishers produce a high-shine finish in just 2 steps, each of which can be easily identified by the color of the polisher:
Pre-polish using the flame-shaped blue polisher (94020C)
Final high-shine polish with the cup-shaped light gray polisher (94020F)

TIP: Komet's LD/ZR Intra--Oral Adjustment Kit contains flame- and cup-shaped ZR Flash Polishers and all other instruments needed for efficient chairside all-ceramic restorations, including removal, adjusting and polishing.

Recommended Use:
Use with spray coolant
6000 rpm


94020C dental bur
Available in a variety of shapes and sizes 

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