Q Series: Your Trusty Sidekick

We know you’ll stop at nothing to preserve your patients’ teeth.

That's why Komet created the Q series, heat-treated file systems that are resilient, versalite and efficient. Q series consists of Procodile Q™ and FQ.

Procodile Q™

Reciprocating/Reflex file sytem for your predictable canals.


Proc-Q-Bending-Graphic_1-1.png"Komet's Procodile Q™ files get me to the apical third of the root more efficiently and accurately than any other files I've used"
-Dr Steven Schmoldt



Rotary file system for your complex canals.



"Komet's FQ files are flexible but they pack a punch! They remove debris and infected dentin very efficiently, quickly, and sfely from the canals."
-Dr. Lauren Kuhn

Dental Advisor Biomaterials Research center released two studies evaluating cutting efficiency, debris removal and cyclic fatigue resistance of the Q Series files against WaveOne® Gold and ProTaper Ultimate. The results speak for themselves.

doubles_crosscut-1.pngThe Proof is in the Design 

  • Both Procodile Q™ and FQ removed significantly more debris than WaveOne® Gold and ProTaper Ultimate due to their double-S cross section.
  • The design allows Q Series to remove longer strips of debris because there are more contact points.

Decrease Chair Time 

  • Procodile Q™’s cutting rate was 16% faster than WaveOne® Gold’s 
  • FQ’s cutting rate was 24% faster than ProTaper Ultimate&

No More Separation Anxiety

  • Procodile Q™ lasted between 197% - 325% longer in the cyclic fatigue test than WaveOne® Gold 
  • FQ lasted between 110% - 228% longer in the cyclic fatigue test than ProTaper Ultimate



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