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Hands-On Workshop

Do you wonder which endodontic instruments are the safest and most efficient? Do you have challenges with irrigation solutions? Are you tired of lateral condensing of accessory points?

Join Komet USA this evidence-based hands-on course where you will:

  • Learn about cutting-edge flexible and safe rotary and reciprocating files
  • Locate calcified canals and MB2 with special burs
  • Discover new techniques for obturation
  • Earn 4 CE credit hours

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Get details on when registration opens for a workshop near you:


Hear from Past Attendees

"I've been doing this for a long time, and anytime that you can take a course where you may go back Monday and change something is a really big deal and this is one of those courses. You can easily implement the techniques you learned on Monday and I would highly recommend it to my colleagues."
Dr. Paul Hasegawa, DDS

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