Ride a Better Wave

Procodile Q is the Stronger, Faster and More Durable File

Dental Advisory Biomaterials Research Center released a study evaluating the cyclic fatigue resistance and cutting efficiency of Procodile Q™ and Wave One® Gold reciprocating files, and Procodile Q™ came out on top. 

Stick with the Status Quo or use the Superior File 

  • Procodile Q™’s cutting rate was 16% faster than Wave One® Gold’s 

  • Procodile Q™ lasted between 197% - 325% longer in the cyclic fatigue test than Wave One® Gold

  • Multiple studies show that Procodile Q™ extrudes more debris than Wave One® Gold (shown in Fig. 10)

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No more Separation Anxiety 

After 3 canals, the Dental Advisor evaluation reported that significant unwinding was detected in all 3 sizes of Wave One® Gold versus only 1 size of Procodile Q™. 


Cut or Scrape?

Procodile Q™ has a double-S file design which allows for efficient cutting, whereas Wave One® Gold’s parallelogram design results in more of a scraping.

The below images show the cross sectional views of #035 medium files. Procodile Q™ files (first image) feature a more acute cutting angle with a ~106 degree cutting edge. Wave One® Gold files (second image) feature a parallelogram design with ~85 degree edge resulting in more of a scraping mode of instrumentation.


Reference: M. Cowen, J.M. Powers. (2022). Laboratory Evaluation of Procodile Q Endodontic Files. DENTAL ADVISOR Biomaterials Research Center.

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