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Product nameSF8979..014 pack unit 1
For useCrown Preparation
Size D:014 1/10 mm
Length L:8.0 mm
Package unit:1
Product description:
Parallel chamfer with modified tip - For positioning/finishing after completed preparation with 2979.314.014/016 - SF8979 is coated with fine grit
Application: Crown Preparation

Crown Preparation
Exact positioning and finishing of the prosthetic margin after supragingival preparation with rotary instruments of identical shape.

  • Tips are gentle on the soft tissue, thus avoiding haemorrhages that might hamper impression taking
  • Tips create very fine crown margins, which is an essential condition for well-fitting, durable restorations
  • Improved adhesion of the fixing cement thanks to the irregular structure of the crown core

Sonic tips:

Apart from the Komet sonic handpiece SF1LM, Komet sonic tips can also be used

  • In the Scalers made by the co. W&H (Series Proxeo®  ZA-55/L/LM/M/LS and Proxeo® ST ZE-55RM/BC, series Synea® ZA-55/L/LM/M or series Alegra® ST ZE-55RM/BC), as well as
  • In the SONICflex™ handpiece provided by the company KaVo (Series 2000N/L/X/LX or series 2003N/L/X/LX) or
  • In the SIROAIR L of the co. Sirona®
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