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September 1, 2023 blog01

Check out Komet’s solutions for safe, effective IPR ranging from kits, burs, strips, or discs. 

Interproximal reduction (IPR) is a procedure that gently removes small amounts of enamel to create space for orthodontic tooth alignment treatments. IPR ensures that braces or clear aligners will move teeth more effectively by diminishing overcrowded areas. 

When you’re shaving down teeth, it’s important to have a reliable solution ready so that you can complete safe, efficient interproximal reduction every procedure. From interproximal reduction kits and IPR diamond strips to specialty burs, Komet has solutions to fit any need. 

1.    DISCtance™ Kit 
This IPR kit includes five diamond discs that are engineered to mirror in-demand specifications in popular aligner systems.
The disc grits are designed based on the optimal ratio of coarseness needed for shaving down teeth efficiently, and their shanks are color-coded to help you identify the correct disc. 

The disc coating in the IPR kit is diverse, varying from disc to disc to ensure versatility and precision. They also retain a flat shape for an extended period of time, resulting in a longer service life.

2.    Interproximal Reduction Gildner Kit 

Another popular IPR kit, the Interproximal Reduction Gildner Kit features Komet’s 60° oscillating segment (OS) discs for safe and efficient IPR. 

This IPR disc kit provides a more comfortable and safe experience for the patient because OS discs don’t require a disc guard. It also offers excellent visibility and optimum debris removal due to the discs’ honeycomb design. 

IMPORTANT: These discs must be used in Komet’s OS30 handpiece. 

3.    Mosquito Bur

The Mosquito bur (8392) is a needle-shaped, fine-grit diamond bur designed for quick, yet precise teeth shaving. The IPR bur is also available in single-patient use (8392SU).

4.    Diamond Strips 

Komet’s diamond strips offer excellent visual control, optimal flexibility and minimal heat generation. Not only are they available in two widths, but Komet’s diamond strips are offered in coarse, medium, fine and extra-fine grits to ensure precise interproximal reduction.  

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