Efficiently Remove Soft Tissue with Gingival Trimming Burs

October 30, 2023 blog01

Learn everything about the ceramic tissue trimmer that can be used for gingivectomy, gingival depigmentation and mucosal surgeries.

Everything You Should Know About Gingiva Trimmer Burs

Komet’s CeraTip™ is a ceramic soft tissue trimming bur that has all the properties for precise gingiva trimming.  It is a simpler and less invasive alternative to controlling gingival hypertrophy and is an ideal alternative to electrosurgery and scalpels. 

"My electrosurgery unit sits in the corner now that I have the CeraTip™,” said Ken Lim, DDS. “When there is a little gingivectomy and/or gingival contouring needed, I just pull out the CeraTip™, and in one minute the task is done! I love the control of the bur, and often there is less bleeding. The CeraTip™ should be in the armamentarium of every dentist for sure!”

Haemostasias is achieved with the CeraTip™ because the instrument’s tip causes thermal coagulation which seals the blood vessels.

The gingival trimming bur is a durable, one-piece instrument that offers a long service life while not obstructing the operative site due to it being metal-free. The CeraTip™ will not corrode, and there is no metal support to get in the way of your work. 



Instructions for Use

Use the CeraTip™ without water so the tip generates heat to produce thermal coagulation and cauterize the tissue while trimming.

Exert little pressure on the instrument and use it clockwise at optimal speeds of 300,000-450,000 rpm. 

Sterilizing Instructions      

Pre-soak the CeraTip™ in an ultrasonic cleaner or washer disinfector for 5 minutes to loosen debris. Afterwards, brush any remaining debris with a nylon brush and rinse the instrument under water. Do not use a metal cleaning brush on the ceramic bur. Put the CeraTip™ in an autoclave for 30 minutes at 121° Celsius or for four minutes at 134° Celsius.  

Read our complete step-by-step guide on how to sterilize the CeraTip™ and other burs here.

The CeraTip™ is part of the Komet USA line of innovative, high-performance white ceramic instruments: The CeraLine. The CeraLine also includes the CeraBur® and the CeraDrill®.


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