Komet USA Extends Line of Premium S-Class Diamonds and Specialty ZR Diamonds and Updates Best-Selling Kit

September 30, 2020 blog01

Komet USA Extends Line of S-Diamonds and ZR Diamonds and Updates Best-Selling LD0707A Kit

Komet USA expanded its diamond line to include twelve new S- Diamonds and two new ZR-Diamonds. These innovative products address the needs and challenges of crown preparation and restoration procedures. Komet ha also updated our best-selling kit (LD0707A) to further enhance the adjusting and polishing of all-ceramic materials with our latest and greatest rotary instruments.

Komet is proud to continually meet the market’s demand for premium quality dental instruments. The German-engineered diamond burs are optimally designed based on the needs and feedback of customers and professional partners.

The new high-speed super coarse S-Diamonds include various sizes of the modified parallel shoulder, parallel chamfer and modified parallel chamfer.

"There was no jumping or slipping off the tooth and no irregularities that I normally may expect using a coarse preparation diamond. Komet has developed a diamond with a combination of blank and coarse grit that enables the clinician to work efficiently and create smooth margins and axial walls. When I looked at the finish line under my dental microscope it had the appearance of the type of finish line I'd see after using a fine diamond.  I was impressed!" said Dr. Alan Atlas, DDS.

The ZR Diamond line extension adds a football in an 023 size, as well the matching finisher. 

The updated LD0707A kit contains new and trusted elements for effective chairside adjusting and polishing of all-ceramic restorations. Komet recently introduced the 4ZRS crown remover for all-ceramic materials with overwhelmingly positive feedback. This crown cutter was recognized as a Dental Product Shopper Best Product and received at 4.7/5 rating. This bur, along with a few other favorites, have been added to the newly enhanced kit.
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