Smoozies: Komet USA's Glue Removers

August 16, 2022 blog01

Komet USA's Smoozies Kit (4694A.RA) includes instruments to remove adhesives safely and quickly.

Everything must run smoothly when it’s time to remove your patient’s braces. It can with Komet USA’s Smoozies.

Every patient looks forward to running their tongue across the smooth surface of their teeth after their braces are removed. As an orthodontist, you know that once you remove the brackets, the glue used to keep the brackets in place is still on the teeth. Our Smoozies kit specializes in debonding and glue removal, ensuring that patients are left with a nice, smooth finish.

Smooth like butter

With only two steps, the Smoozies remove the adhesive quickly and easily without damaging the enamel.  

  1. Use the H23VIP, use the to remove the coarser parts of the adhesive.

  2. Switch to the glue eraser Smoozie polishers (9499.RA.60 or 9498.RA.50) to gently remove any last traces of glue from the tooth, allowing the natural tooth structure to remain intact.

Learn more about our Smoozies kit here.

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