Safely and Efficiently Give Your Patients a Beautiful, Smooth Smile

April 12, 2024 blog01

Rely on Komet’s Smoozies Kit to make your debonding procedures run smoothly.

Every patient looks forward to running their tongue across their teeth after their braces are removed. However – as an orthodontist – you know that your patient won’t have that smooth feeling once you remove the brackets because the glue used to keep them in place is still on the teeth. 

Komet’s Smoozies Kit features carbides and polishers that specialize in debonding, ensuring that your patients will never feel a rough patch again. 

Two Steps to Make Debonding a Breeze

Step 1: Use the H23VIP to remove the adhesive quickly and effectively.

The H23VIP doesn’t scratch enamel while efficiently removing orthodontic adhesive, cement, tabs used in clear aligners and various metals used for braces. 

The Smoozies Kit contains four H23VIPs.

“Komet’s H23VIP is the best kept secret in the world of dental aligner therapy,” said Miles Cone, DMD. “It is a long-lasting, cost-effective, slow-speed bur that makes the stressful task of removing resin without causing iatrogenic damage to the enamel so easy – even a Prosthodontist can do it.”

Step 2: Use the Smoozie Polishers to gently remove any last traces of glue. 

The Smoozie Polishers are available for you to lightly debond the last bits of glue and leave a high-shine finish. The Smoozie kit features two flame-shaped polishers and two cup-shaped polishers to give you options for every surface. 

Debonding doesn’t have to be cumbersome. Komet’s Smoozie Kit helps you safely and precisely remove the adhesive so your patients can have the beautiful, smooth smile they’ve been looking forward to. 

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