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November 16, 2023 blog01

See the results of Dental Product Shopper's evaluation on DIAO, Komet’s crown preparation diamond designed with pearls.

diao_product-1.pngWhile diamonds are certainly not new to dentistry—especially in the case of diamond burs—the same can’t be said for pearls. That is, until Komet launched DIAO, pronounced DEE-OW. DIAO is a next-generation diamond designed with pearls for precise cutting, excellent control, and long-lasting sharpness. DIAO’s unique construction, composed of a coarse diamond bur used for crown and cavity preparation, removes tooth structure and restorative material quickly and easily. Plus, the burs are easily identifiable thanks to their unique rose gold color.

Initially skeptical about incorporating pearls into a diamond bur to eliminate clogging and maintain cutting ability, Dr. Gary Berman tried the DIAO burs and admitted, “I was proven wrong. These diamonds not only cut excellently, but they also keep their sharpness and cutting efficiency after several uses and multiple sterilization cycles.”

Also impressed with the performance of the DIAO diamonds, Dr. Anthony Vocaturo shared, “The product works unbelievably well. The ease and smoothness of cutting and the durability made preparing teeth much easier. I have found my new bur company.”


Cutting Efficiency

DIAO efficiently removes material with less pressure and more control and provides the benefits of coarse diamonds without the chatter, according to Komet. A 27% greater initial sharpness than comparable instruments provides optimal control for quick and effortless removal of tooth structure and materials with less heat to save more healthy tooth. Tiny ceramic pearls between the diamond particles optimize spacing, which increases cutting edges to further enhance removal.

“These burs seem to cut better than any others I’ve used,” reported Dr. Sharde Harvey, who especially liked the speed and ease of preparation. “They cut better than most diamonds from the tip to the bur’s base with very little pressure, leading to less potential thermal tooth damage,” shared Dr. Christopher Greenwaldt.

The burs were tested by 3 dentists and 1 assistant in Dr. Larry Tabor’s office, and he determined, “They surpassed the burs we’ve been using in cutting speed and smoothness of our preps; their smooth cutting gave us better control.” Dr. Raymond Wozny also appreciated the control and efficiency, especially when cutting through porcelain, and Dr. Jerry Popeck said, “They cut better for longer.” For Dr. Lance Huthwaite, “DIAO did an exceptional job of cutting through old all-ceramic restorations,” and Dr. James Black noted, “It did a tremendous job of removing porcelain and metal crowns,” including 10-year-old porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns. “Excellent cutting ability and nonclogging properties made my crown preparation easier and better, which makes me and my patients happy,” declared Dr. Berman.


Bur Design, Quality, & Variety

The DIAO product line offers a variety of coarse diamond shapes and sizes. During their review period, evaluators tried several shapes, including tapered round, egg, and tapered rounded edge. Dr. Daniel Hwang liked having both “a premium diamond bur and all the necessary shapes and sizes for crown preparation, which helped in a variety of situations, including short second molars with limited opening.” He said the diamonds were “still sharp after sterilization with hardly any debris buildup on the cutting surface.” Dr. Wozny called the football-shaped burs “very durable and helpful in anterior bridge cases,” Dr. Black liked the small bur and shank size, and Dr. Steven Berk announced, “The quality of the burs was impressive.”


Time Savings

“This product impacted my chairside experience tremendously by saving prep time, which allowed me to get through procedures more quickly,” said Dr. Harvey, who found that DIAO “cut chair time by at least 25% during longer procedures.” Noting that “my crown preparation on teeth Nos. 30 and 31 was completed in record time,” Dr. Patrice Taylor shared, “DIAO delivered when it came to ease of preparation and less generated heat, and added ease to my preparations with no reports of postop sensitivity.”

Able to “prep for a crown with ease in a very timely manner,” Dr. Berk explained, “The design made nice, easy margins and allows for easy access for crown preps on second molars, which can be hard to prep.” Dr. Tabor concluded, “The burs made the experience better, faster, and cleaner for me and my patients.”




  • Coarse, chatter-free diamonds that offer precise cutting, exceptional control, and lasting sharpness
  • Designed with 27% more initial sharpness than that of competing instruments
  • Less pressure needed to remove tooth structure
  • Diamonds generate less heat, saving healthy tooth structure
  • Pearls optimize spacing, increase cutting edges, and enhance structure removal
  • Overall Satisfaction

The evaluators were clearly impressed by DIAO’s cutting efficiency, lasting sharpness, and durability. “I was able to prepare multiple teeth at a time for full-coverage restorations without needing to change the bur,” shared Dr. Greenwaldt, who said they worked great with electric handpieces. “DIAO is now definitely a go-to part of my armamentarium,” said Dr. Huthwaite. Dr. Berman concluded, “This is an excellent diamond bur with no shortcomings. It does everything it’s advertised to do.” When asked how Komet could improve the DIAO line, Dr. Vocaturo declared, “Don’t change a thing. They nailed it.”

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