A Guide to Dental Instrument Color Codes: Finishing Carbide Burs

November 22, 2022 blog01

Read the blog to learn our finishing carbide color-coding system. 

Finishing Carbides Color-Coding Guide

Rather than diamond burs that grind material, tungsten carbide burs cut. They are typically used on composites.

Tungsten carbide dental burs are usually thought to be used for cavity preparations and shaping bone, but they can also be used for finishing and trimming.

As you start to be more precise during your procedures, you need a carbide with more flutes. Komet USA has created a Finishing Carbide Color-Code System so you can complete your procedures with ease.     

Ultra-Fine – White 

30 blades


Extra-Fine - Yellow 

16/20 blades 


Fine - Red 

8/12 blades


Reduce Your Finishing Procedures

If you’re looking to reduce your composite finishing procedures, Komet USA offers Q-Finishers®. Their special cross-cut toothing allows for better surface quality after a single step when compared to that produced after the second step with conventional finishing instruments. 

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