Perfect Your Preps with Komet’s New DIAO Diamond

May 11, 2023 blog01

Komet sets the rose gold standard with DIAO, a next-generation crown and cavity preparation diamond designed with pearls.

Komet recently launched DIAO, a next-generation diamond interspersed with pearls. The patented combination of diamonds and ceramic pearls results in an instrument with excellent control, precise cutting, and long-lasting sharpness.

johnfluckeDDS.jpg“These burs met and exceeded all of my expectations,” said John Flucke, DDS. "DIAO provides smooth and precise performance while also giving the doctor an amazing amount of control. The idea behind DIAO is combining the diamond cutting particles with ceramic pearls that help filter away enamel and dentin dust during preparation. The result is a bur that cuts like nothing else on the market.”

DIAO is available in a variety of shapes and sizes for any restorative procedure.

Product advantages:
  • Removes material quickly and effortlessly with less pressure.
  • 27% greater initial sharpness than similar coarse diamond instruments*
  • 34% longer service live when compared to similar coarse grit instruments while removing more dental material*
  • Produces less heat and saves healthy tooth structure due.
  • Reduces dental build up, making it easier to clean and reprocess.
  • Easily recognizable with its rose gold color

"DIAO is a breakthrough in dental bur design,” said Eric Vazquez, Senior Product Manager at Komet USA. “The pearls help create spacing between the diamonds, resulting in an increase in cutting edges and a higher initial sharpness for enhanced control, precise preparations and smoother cuts.”




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