DIAO vs Deep Purple™: Which Crown Prep Bur is Right for You?

May 30, 2023 blog01

Which crown prep bur fits your specific style? Learn the differences between these two leading diamonds.

Dentists have different preferred methods to completing their procedures. Komet recognizes this and works diligently to create specialized burs to fit the need of any dentist. Among those burs are Komet’s innovative crown preparation burs: DIAO and Deep Purple™.

Which crown prep bur fits your specific style? Keep on reading to learn the key differences of Komet’s leading crown preparation burs.


DIAODIAO Diamonds interspersed with pearls

DIAO is Komet’s new coarse diamond bur interspersed with pearls.

Use DIAO (pronunced DEE-OW) if you're looking for a diamond that gives you excellent control, precise cutting and long-lasting sharpness.
  • Efficiently removes tooth structure with less pressure. 
  • Decreased loading due to the combination of diamonds and pearls, making it easier to clean and generate less heat.
  • DIAO’s rose gold color makes it easy to identify in your armamentarium. 

Experience DIAO now.

Deep Purple™Deep-Purple_DiamondCoating-1.jpg

Deep Purple are Komet's best-selling extra-coarse diamonds.

Use Deep Purple if you're looking for a diamond that gives you effective, rapid and reliable substance removal.
  • Decrease loading due to the large chip spaces.
  • After using the Deep Purple™ diamonds, like the 856XC, for primary preparations, finish with the identically shaped finishing bur, like the 8856.
  • Deep Purple™ has a purple stripe on the shank to indicate extra-coarse.

Shop Deep Purple™ Diamonds.


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