What’s The ReFlex® Motion ?

March 21, 2023 blog01

Learn about the patented movement that is exclusively available with the Procodile Q™ file on the EndoPilot.

Are you ready to complete repeatable and predictable root canal procedures? Then you need the EndoPilot.

Our endo motor with apex locator provides a streamlined preparation of the root canal while determining the real-time file position during treatment. The EndoPilot is an advanced torque-sensing cordless endo motor, using the ReFlex® movement to help you safely and efficiently complete your root canal procedures.

What is ReFlex®, and what makes it so special?

ReFlex® is patented movement that is exclusively available with the Procodile Q™ file on the EndoPilot. It reads the tension on Procodile Q™ and adjusts the movement accordingly. ReFlex® starts with a left-cutting rotary motion and then transitions to a reciprocating motion when the EndoPilot senses resistance, decreasing torsional stress on the file.

The intelligent movement can be operated in two different modes: ReFlex® Smart and ReFlex® Dynamic.

ReFlex® Smart continuously measures the torque resistance on the file and adapts to minimize the risk of separation. The reduced stress on the file makes this movement ideal for complex canal anatomies.

ReFlex® Dynamic operates at a higher rotation until torque resistance is detected and then switches to a reciprocating motion. This mode ensures the clinician prepares the root canal skillfully and intactly while optimally removing debris.

Advantages of ReFlex®:

  • Allows the EndoPilot to identify the part of the file that has the most load
  • Optimally removes debris in the canal by only moving counterclockwise when the file is not subject to resistance
  • Minimizes the risk of separation by continuously measuring torsional stress
  • Provides extra security during the root canal preparation

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