FQ: The Seamless Solution for Complex Canals

June 9, 2023 blog01

Komet releases FQ, a rotary, heat-treated endodontic file system to make challenging RCT more efficient.

Today, Komet launched FQ, a rotary, heat-treated endodontic file system that makes complex root canal treatment cases more efficient, reliable and safer.

FQ is the latest addition to Komet’s endodontic portfolio, filling the need for a rotary, heat-treated file system.

“As an endodontist myself, my file system of choice would have excellent cutting efficiency while respecting the natural anatomy of the tooth,” said Dr. Satya Nadimpalli, Endodontic Product Manager at Komet USA. “The FQ does that and more. It optimizes root canal preparation time by helping unclog apical debris with its double-S cross section and variably tapered core.”

Product advantages:
  • Efficiently removes debris in the most complicated cases with its double-S cross section and narrow instrument core
  • Extremely flexible and large chip space due to its patented variably tapered file core*
    • *For instruments with taper .06
  • Broad range of files to adapt to specific treatment cases while preserving the natural canal anatomy
  • The heat-treated NiTi file is less likely to separate due to its high cyclic fatigue resistance

The product portfolio features the FQ Opener, FQ Glider and FQ files in L21, L25 and L31 lengths.

*available in L21, L25 and L31 lengths.
Following the release of FQ, Komet has decided to discontinue F360 and F6, effective immediately.

For more information on FQ, click here.
About Komet USA
Built on 100 years of unparalleled excellence in the dental industry, Komet is a recognized worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized dental burs, discs, diamonds, and endodontic solutions. Komet operates in the United States under the name Komet USA LLC since 2007. Komet sells direct to dental practitioners and dental laboratories, delivering orders quickly and efficiently from its state-of-the-art factory in Lemgo, Germany. Komet, which numbers 1,400 employees worldwide and is represented in more than 100 countries, extends beyond the dental sector with Komet Medical, Komet Jewelry and Komet Custom Made (contract manufacturing for dental implantology).
The company’s U.S. headquarters is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. For more information about Komet USA, call 888-566-3887 or visit www.kometusa.com.
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