Your Guide to Acrylic Cutting Burs

July 5, 2023 blog01

Learn about solutions for cutting acrylic material that provides longevity, durability and efficiency. 

When you’re cutting acrylic materials, you need a laboratory bur that’s designed for longevity, durability and efficiency.

Acrylic is a tough material, but it can’t withstand extreme temperatures.The melting point for acrylic is 320°, so you also need a dental bur that generates little to no heat.

Komet’s got you covered with its all-white ceramic cutters that ensure gentle, intuitive and precise work in dental acrylics. Unlike tungsten carbide, ceramic lab burs don’t generate heat.

Available in three types of toothing, there’s an option available for any of your acrylic-cutting needs.

Hard Denture Acrylics

ACR ceramic cutters

The ACR ceramic cutters offer excellent substance removal while being easy to control and resisting jamming. It features coarse staggered toothing for fast and effective shaping.

EQ ceramic cutters

The EQ ceramic cutters are perfect for making corrections. They remove substance and smooth efficiently without changing instruments due to a dual working part, with medium staggered toothing at the lower end and fine cross-cut toothing at the tip.

Soft Acrylics


GSQ ceramic cutters

The GSQ ceramic cutters are ideal for materials that tend to clog due to its deep cross-cut toothing with large chip spaces and reduced number of blades. These lab ceramic burs are made to work on highly elastic materials for controlled surface shaping, effective cutting and optimal surface quality because of its specially designed geometry.

Curious about the shapes of ceramic cutters we offer? Check out the full product line here!



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