Case Report: EndoPilot Technology Expedites Multidisciplinary Dental Therapies

July 6, 2021 blog01

Dr. Thomas Bilski shares a case study on how the EndoPilot makes multidisciplinary care more efficient. 

Dr. Thomas Bilski shares a case study on how Komet USA's EndoPilot and the F-360 endodontic rotary file system minimize chair time and deliver a less costly treatment plan to a budget-minded patient. 

"The Komet USA EndoPilot motor and apex location handpiece and the development of the F-360 rotary files have increased the speed of completion for endodontic treatment significantly with accuracy, predictability, and reproducibility," said Dr. Bilski. 

Read the full article here to learn how Komet USA's technology makes multidisciplinary care more efficient.  
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