Everything You Should Know About the CeraBur®

January 24, 2023 blog01

Learn everything about the ceramic round bur that can revolutionize your cavity preparation procedures and help retain healthy tooth structure.

The CeraBur® is a ceramic round bur used for controlled, intuitive excavating. It allows you to feel when the instrument leaves decayed dentin, saving more healthy tooth structure. The CeraBur® also eliminates the need for explorers and spoons for evaluating decay removal.

When you’re searching for the best cavity preparation burs, you should keep the CeraBur® in mind.

Made of high-performance ceramic material, the CeraBur® lasts up to 3x longer than a round-tungsten carbide, resists corrosion and is less likely to be affected by disinfection and the cleaning process.

Its slim neck and white working part allows it to stand out against the brownish shade of the carious dentin.

“The key to direct restorative dentistry should always be based on maximizing remaining tooth structure,” said Lou Graham, DDS. “Part of this process is knowing when it’s okay to stop drilling and begin restoring. The CeraBur® replaces explorers and spoons in evaluating decay removal. This bur tells you when its safe to stop stop drilling and gives me the peace of mind that I have removed all the active caries.”  


Hint: We recommend using the CeraBur® at 1,500 rpm during slow-speed excavation. Do not use a metal brush for cleaning.

The CeraBur® is part of Komet USA’s line of innovative, high-performance white ceramic instruments: the CeraLine. The CeraLine also includes the CeraTip™ and the CeraDrill®.

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