A Guide to Organizing Your Dental Burs

February 1, 2024 blog01

Learn tips on organizing your dental burs like utilizing bur holders and boxes, creating custom kits and receiving a custom consultation, we have options to make organizing easy.

It’s no secret that dental offices are always looking for ways to increase efficiency in their practice. One factor that can be overlooked is how you organize your dental burs.

Let’s face it: these instruments are tiny. Sometimes they can look almost identical to each other. Why would you want to spend your time culling through your inventory until you find the exact bur you need when you can have an organized system in place? That’s where we come in.


3 Tips on Organizing Your Dental Burs

Tip 1: Manage your inventory with organization boxes or bur blocks. 


Do you find yourself sorting through cabinets, opening drawers or searching aimlessly through different packaging to find the exact bur you’re looking for? Komet’s organization boxes and bur blocks can solve this problem!

Organization Boxes Organization-Box-Image-1.png

With 24 slots, you’re able to place multiple packs of your favorite burs in one box. You can also have images of your burs printed on the interior lid to easily keep track of the contents.

“Komet has really changed things for our dental practice,” said Danielle Strohm, CDA, and Jana Boyd, DDS. “This system has really organized and simplified things for our practice. In fact, we have ordered sets for each operatory.”

Get in touch with your local rep today to enhance your inventory management system with an organization box. 

Bur Blocks


We have countless options when it comes to bur blocks. You can choose from stainless steel, acrylic or aluminum bur holders that can hold 12 to 40 instruments, giving you options to make organizing easy. Even better, all of our stainless-steel bur blocks are autoclavable!

40-Hole Aluminum Bur Block - A701S24-Hole FG/RA Stainless Steel Bur Block - 9949L3BURBLOCK1.png

Endodontists, don’t feel left out! We have pre-labeled organization boxes that already come filled with everything you need for RCT. 

Tip #2: Create labeled custom kits for each procedure.*



Do you spend most of your time doing crown preparations? Or maybe your days are more random, filled with multiple different procedures. 

Take chairside efficiency to the next level with a custom 12-hole bur block that’s labeled by each step in the procedure. Just place your burs in the block in chronological order, and you’ll know exactly where to find a specific bur for a specific step in a specific procedure.

Contact your local rep to get started on creating your labeled custom kits. 

Tip #3: Consult with your local Komet rep.

Komet’s reps have seen every scenario you can think of when it comes to organizing your dental office. Our team can give you suggestions on the best way to efficiently organize your space and train your team to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Even when you’re running low on inventory or run out, you can rest assured knowing whoever is responsible for inventory will know exactly what needs to be reordered when.



Although the quality of your dental burs plays a big part in efficiency, the organization of your dental burs is also a crucial factor. Reach out to your local rep today for a consultation to improve your bur organization. 

*Custom kits are only available in 12-hole stainless-steel bur block 9933L3. Time to receive your custom kit is estimated at 8-10 weeks after order is placed.  

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