Interproximal Cement Removal Solutions

August 2, 2023 blog01

Learn about Komet's options when it comes to removing interproximal cement. 

Picture this: you’ve just finished placing the permanent zirconia crown on your patient’s tooth. You’ve already gone through all the steps to ensure you restore as much natural tooth structure as possible, from impressions and crown preparation, to creating and placing a temporary crown.  

The final step is now to seal the permanent crown in place and then your patient is ready to go about their everyday life. But you notice a bump in the road: cement has leaked interproximally.  

Time is of the essence to remove the cement, especially if it’s fast-curing resin. You don’t have much time before it hardens, and then you can’t remove it. That’s why you need to make sure you have the right bur available at all times to complete this task.  

Thankfully, Komet’s got plenty of options that can remove any extra substance while minimizing damage to the brand-new zirconia crown and root surfaces.  

The Mosquito Bur (8392.FG.016) 
This diamond is a needle-shaped, fine-grit diamond bur that is slightly rounded on the end.



This diamond is pointier with a smaller tip than the mosquito bur. It’s also medium grit to help remove cement that may have started to dry.  


Finishing Carbides 
More of a carbide fan? Our finishing carbides can get the job done too! Our H135 is the same shape as the 859 diamond. 


We know that every procedure and dentist is unique. Komet’s portfolio gives you the choice to select the right resin-removing bur to fit your preference and situation.  

Shop for your favorite resin-removing bur on our website to ensure you’re prepared for this situation.  


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