The History Behind Komet Quality

August 1, 2021 blog01

Currently marking more than 95 years in the dental industry, Komet is a worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized dental burs, discs, diamonds, endodontic instruments, and accessories for dental practitioners and dental laboratories. 

Since 1923, the Komet brand has been synonymous with precision-engineered rotary instruments, and Komet USA is proud to be part of that tradition. As the dedicated U.S. sales and marketing partner of Komet worldwide, Komet USA offers advanced, high-quality dental rotary instruments and instrument accessories to dentists and dental labs in the U.S.
Mrs. Klara Niehus, who is part of Komet's founding family, states, "It takes two seemingly contradictory factors to ensure the continuing success of a family-run business: Tradition and innovation. The combination of these two results in a lasting, unequalled corporate strength - now and in the future.”

Innovation is the heart and soul of the Komet business tradition. Over ninety years ago, Mrs. Niehus’ father and uncles demonstrated their ingenuity, creativity and proficiency when they adapted their mother’s sewing machine for the milling and production of a small range of dental burs. Each subsequent decade brought significant increases to that range with new materials and instrument manufacturing.

Komet’s creators and the Komet organization constantly strives to improve existing products and to develop completely new, innovative products for the dental sector. Some of the company’s creators most notable achievements include the 1956 launch of tungsten-carbide instruments, its first production of diamond instruments in 1958, the inclusion in 1960 of ceramic abrasives, the development of systematic instrument sets and the replacement of steel burs with those made of tungsten carbide in the 1970s. In the late 1970s, Komet innovators had developed tungsten-carbide burs with staggered toothing, and by 1980, these staggered-tooth burs were launched worldwide.


Although the array of instruments has significantly evolved and expanded since the Komet brand was first introduced, the corporate values, traditions, and commitment have remained true to the founder’s vision, and two generations of the founder’s descendents have worked hard to keep their dream alive.

Part of that vision is providing superior customer service. Komet relies on direct sales to provide a more personal approach. In addition, the direct approach contributes to our promise of rapid delivery.

Today, our delivery channels reach more than 100 countries all over the world, and Komet products marked “Made in Lemgo” are engineered and produced with care in a state-of-the-art facility. Our production is equipped with hundreds of semi- and fully automatic turning, milling and grinding machines - in short, perfect equipment suited to produce products of outstanding quality.

Through corporate values, traditions and commitment, Komet USA continues to work to bring an ever-increasing awareness of precision-engineered, innovative and Komet quality dental rotary instruments to dentists and dental labs across the U.S.

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