Your Guide to Dental Bur Shank Sizes

April 6, 2023 blog01

Learn about the specialty-sized dental shanks that can fit any sized mouth. 

Dental bur shanks come in a variety of types and sizes to fit any procedural need. Keep on reading to learn about Komet's specialty-sized dental shanks to fit any sized mouth. 

The shank is the long part of the dental bur that fits into the handpiece. There are different types and sizes of dental shanks for not only any required handpiece speed, but also any sized mouth.

There are three main dental bur shank types: Friction Grip (FG), Handpiece (HP) and Right-Angle (RA).

The Friction Grip (FG) dental shank is used in high-speed scenarios. FG shanks can be used in either air or electric handpieces, and are typically used during prepping or finishing procedures.

Handpiece (HP) dental shanks are used for low rotational speeds. HP shanks are typically used in dental labs.

The Right-Angle Latch (RA) dental shank is commonly used for low or medium speeds. It’s also used for contra-angle handpieces, which are used to treat areas that require a “bend” to reach them. RA shanks are typically used during excavating and polishing procedures.

*Hint: Komet USA has specialty-sized dental bur shanks to help you work with any sized mouth. We offer Friction Grip Extra Short (FGSTS), typically used for young or elderly patients, Friction Grip Surgical Extra Extra Long (FGSXXL), Hand Piece Surgical Extra Long (HPSXL) and Hand Piece Surgical Extra Extra Long (HPSXXL).

Komet USA offers FG, HP and RA dental shank options in a variety of lengths. Check out our dental bur shank guide below to see all of our offerings.

Friction Grip


Right Angle

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