Is it Time to Mix it Up? How Combining Single-Use and Multi-Use Burs Can Increase Efficiency

April 18, 2023 blog01

Learn why Leora Walter, DDS, prefers to use a combination of single-use and multi-use burs to increase efficiency. 

Learn why Leora Walter, DDS, Prosthodontist prefers to use a combination of single-use and multi-use burs to increase efficiency. 

Image from Dr. Matt Nejad, biomimetic and esthetic dentist, Beverly Hills, CA.

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing your dental burs. Dentists have the freedom to choose the shapes and sizes that work best for them. They also have the choice between single-use and multi-use.

Although some dentists strictly use one versus the other, there are quite a few who utilize a combination of single-use and multi-use instruments. Leora Walter, DDS, Prosthodontist, is one of those doctors.

Leora Walter, DDS, Prosthodontist

Dr. Walter currently practices at Dental West NYC in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and is the course director of prosthodontics at Woodhull Medical Center.

“In general, I still use multi-use, but I enjoy using finishing with single-use burs,” said Dr. Walter. “At the hospital, we only use single-use burs.”

She recommends using single-use burs for finishing and polishing for ease of mind and the knowledge that you’re finishing your restoration at peak performance.

“When using a multi-use finishing bur repeatedly, diamond particles start to fall off, resulting in the bur becoming coarser,” said Dr. Walter. “This counteracts polishing and leaves the restoration rougher.”

An important aspect in a dentist’s day-to-day is enhancing productivity. Using a combination of single-use burs and multi-use burs can help. Having the right mix of dental burs will ensure you’re completing your procedure with maximum care and setting both the patient and you up for the best outcome.

“I use multi-use burs for prepping because the exact coarseness of the bur doesn’t have a big effect on the prep,” said Dr. Walter. “But when I am finishing and polishing, I want to ensure that the restoration doesn’t wear the opposing dentition – not even to the slightest degree! For that I want a clean, fresh bur.”

Curious about mixing it up and trying out some single-use burs?

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